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Auction 2004
Author: Herman Halliste ( 1900 - 1973 )
"Ago" (Ago Jõger) (1930)
Material: Patinated gyps
Measurements: 49 x 31,5 x 21,2 cm, PRIME PRICE 18000 EEK (1161?), NOT SOLD
Not for sale
Herman Halliste descends from the family of the gardener of Kohila manor. His art studies began at Ants Laikmaa Studio and continued at the Pallas Art School in 1923-26 under the instruction of Anton Starkopf and Voldemar Mellik. He has created portraits, nudes and gravestones. The sculptor preferred granite but used also wood, bronze and marble.
The patinated plaster portrait of Ago Jõger preceded a ferroconcrete ?Ago? (1930, location not known) and a granite sculpture (1959, private collection). Also a version made of elm is well-known (?Ago?s head? 1932, Estonian Art Museum). Heini Paas has explained the importance of this group of portraits in his monograph about Herman Halliste: ?The first model who inspired H. Halliste was his friend with propensity to literary activity, Ago Jõger. In the 1930s Halliste got really excited about modelling ?Ago?. [---] ?Ago? has a special part in H. Halliste?s creation. The model was convenient for his artistic intentions of depicting the world of ideas and feelings of a human being. He had also the possibility to use his fantasy more freely because the work was rather ment to be a new sculpture than a character portrait.? (Heini Paas. Herman Halliste. 1985) The sculptor returned to this head over and over again choosing a different material for each version. The emphasis on intellectuality and the psychological touch increased gradually. The first version has the beautiful laconic simple style and the big smooth surfaces that were characteristic of Halliste in the 1930s. Those smooth surfaces bring out the game of light and shade.
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