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Author: Roman Nyman (1881-1951)
"The Portal of Kaarma Church" (1921?)
Material: Water-colour, paper
Measurements: 30,5 x 22,5 cm
Price: 958.67 €
Roman Nyman graduated from St. Petersburg Stieglitz Art Industrial School in 1906 where he had studied decorative painting. He removed to Paris as a scholar of the school in the next year. The school lengthened his scholarship from usual one year to two and a half because of his expedient use of time. He made short trips to Germany, Norway and Italy from Paris.
Stage scenery was a real trial for Nyman. He can be considered a significant trail-blazer in Estonian stage scenery (V. Vaga). After he had left the theatre work because of his bad health he devoted himself to panel painting. He practised mainly landscape but the architecture motifs have always had a special place in his creation. Voldemar Vaga thinks that Nyman carried the decorative, cheerful and lyrical style which was characteristic of his theatre works and that lacked dramatical tension, dynamics and expressiveness over to those oil or water-colour paintings.
Roman Nyman has pictured Saaremaa-motifs repeatedly (1921, 1936, 1943). Considering the manner of treatment of this work it can be from his earlier creation when the artist painted Kuressaare Town Hall and Kuressaare Castle in 1921 (see the catalogue of Nyman´s exhibition in 1932 no. 44-45). His painting style was very free and fluent then. The image of the church portal is especially dainty because of the sun light and shades that are created with few means.
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