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Paintings and crayon
Autor: Roman Nyman (1881 - 1951)
Teos: "Portrait of Eduard Vilde" (1930s)
Materjal: Oil, canvas
Mõõdud: 98,5 x 80,5 cm
Raamitud teos
Hind: 3642.96 €
Art Museum of Tartu certifys that this portrait "Eduard Vilde" is painted by the artist Roman Nyman. (The edges have been renovated).
The painter Roman Nyman (1881-1951) studied at the Stieglitz School of Technical Art and graduated from it in 1906. After graduation travelled in France, Norway and Italy, where he painted with oil and also with watercolours. He also made theatre decorations/scenery. Since 1921 he lived and worked in Tallinn. He is well known for his city motifs and farm landscapes. Nyman did not paint many portraits, for him it was more like a hobby - this makes the work very rare among his creation. The portrait is probably made after the death of Eduard Vilde, whilst the Genss lexicon mentions it in relation to an exhibition of illustrations and bookgraphics in 1946. The person on the portrait seems a bit stiff, the details are sapless - it shows the lack of personal contact between the artist and the model.

Tiiu Talvistu, the main purser in Art Museum of Tartu
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